MNEK: “If Truth Be Told”


Pronounced EM-EN-EE-KAY, the monikered 16 year old Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike is son to a Scotland Yard detective and a professional cake baker, and a producer of amazing proportionsMNEK has worked on tracks for acts like Frankmusik, CocknBullKid, Duran Duran, Florrie, Diana Vickers and Tinie Tempah, and added his flavor to a whole swath of recent remixes.  His forthcoming single, “If Truth Be Told”, out November 17th from Moshi Moshi Records, is what caught my ear though, with its lady-angst driven anthem beats and corner tones that are guaranteed to wiggle waggle some body part of the rhythmically inclined population.

Catch the track, its remixed cousins and the video, all below.
If Truth Be Told by MNEK

If Truth Be Told (Dimitri Tikovoi Remix) by MNEK

If Truth Be Told (Manhattan Clique Remix) by MNEK

And since we’re in the spirit of honesty, the video for the November single is decidedly atrocious.  Perhaps I’m not seeing MNKE’s tongue placed firmly in his cheek, but in the industry and debut videos, first impressions matter.  When I hear the song, I see grand city night scenes.  When i see the video, my eyes hurt.  Still a great song though.

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