Frank Fairfield: “Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone”


I am very disappointed in the circles I travel in.  Rare is the occasion I orbit through the music of Ragtime and Appalachia, and that is all in detriment to my very core person.  The music of Frank Fairfield though, was a recent happy accident, found sitting on the forefront of the back shelf in my local record store.  These days, our Americana sections are far too hidden in old nooks behind the forbidden literature and contemporary turntables.  But once found, Fairfield’s music lands in your ears like a wondrous time capsule personified, complete with body, voice and spirit.  To put it simply, the guy is a wizard on anything stringed and he’s voiced to surreal extent, bringing the tradition of our great, great ancestors out right in front of you.  And just in case you don’t think he’s “kewl” enough for you, consider this: he’s opened for the Fleet Foxes.

“Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone” is one of the catchier tunes in his catalogue, speaking of the woes and deceptions a hard workin’ man must endure under the fierce gaze of the woman he loves, even if she doesn’t love him back.

Frank Fairfield – Call Me a Dog When I’m Gone by Micronations

And THIS…THIS is unbelievable.

Be sure to check out Fairfield’s brand new album, Out On The Open West, which you can sample a few tunes from below.  It features the best of the new generation of old: Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, Willie Watson, The Petrojvic Brothers and Brandon Armstrong.

Frank Fairfield – Poor Old Lance by Micronations

Frazier Blues by NaturalBeardy

Frank Fairfield – Ruthie by Micronations

Super live performance videos


and HERE.

TSQ2578_FrankFairfield_OutOnTheOpenWest (Out On The Open West is available now from Tompkins Square Records)

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