Mandolin Orange: “Haste Make”


When songwriter Andrew Marlin and instrumentalist Emily Frantz come together as Mandolin Orange, they trigger the instinctual reaction within our natures towards the love of harmonies and guitar.  Our brains seem hardwired for it.  And the Marlin/Frantz combo don’t just harmonize with their voices.  With any number of stringed fancy (mandolin, guitar, fiddle, violin), they draw images up like water from a well, of vast greens under bigger blues.  Standing atop of the underground success their debut album, Quiet Little Room brought them in 2010, Mandolin Orange began a southern tour September 24th in support of their forthcoming DOUBLE LP entitled Haste Make | Hard Hearted Stranger.  It officially drops November 8th, but you can score it now at their shows if you’re so inclined (see tour schedule below).  From the Haste Make portion of the collection, we get a sneak peek at the title track.

“Haste Make” is mighty kind on your brain, visiting all the right nooks and crannies without ever overstaying its welcome.  But it’s most certainly welcome to.

Mandolin Orange – Haste Make by The Wounded Jukebox

Mandolin Orange Tour Dates:

09.30 • City Stage (Wilmington, NC)

10.02 • Books to Be Read Outdoor Stage (Ocracoke Island, NC)

10.12 • Preservation Pub (Knoxville, TN)

10.13 • The Down Home (Johnson City, TN)

10.14 • L.A.B. (Asheville, NC)

10.15 • The Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC)

10.26 • Barn Jam (Awendaw, SC)

11.08 • Eddie’s Attic (Decatur, GA)

TeamClermontPublicity_Picture17_7(The Haste Make|Hard Hearted Stranger double LP will be self-released 11/08/11)

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  1. Mandolin Orange – "Haste Make" | Music That Isn't Bad

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