Johan Reinhold: “Shoot Me Down”

This song from Swedish artist Johan Reinhold is an interesting blend of classic rock style guitar riffs and the weighty electronic-style textures in the same vein Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes or Peter, Bjorn and John’s latest effort Gimme Some, who also happen to be Swedes. The electric guitar that begins “Shoot Me Down” piqued my interest immediately, and Reinhold’s skill at building up to and then getting heavy with the chorus makes the song a rewarding listen. The song isn’t overly complicated, and it’s well-arranged and well-executed.

Reinhold was nominated for a Swedish Grammy back in 2009, and he began experimenting with the guitar fairly recently. He’s got a flair for the dramatic here, and his guitar playing suits the mood of the song perfectly. It’s one of those songs that seems like it’d soundtrack that moment just after a movie or television show’s climax (like the scene following an intense cops-and-robbers shootout, or the frames after the main character realizes he’s gotta climb back from rock bottom). Give “Shoot Me Down” a listen, see if you can picture it.

Shoot Me Down by JohanReinhold 

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