TWJ Went To A Show!: Fool’s Gold

On September 19, Fool’s Gold graced Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus on their sixth scheduled stop in support of their new album Leave No Trace. Fool’s Gold is anything but musical pyrite—they’re the real deal. The Los Angeles-based group creates what can only be described as Afropop: an earthy sound that is as vibrant as it is exciting and accessible. Fool’s Gold celebrates blended cultures and traditions, marrying rock, rhythm and blues and the bilingual poetry of both English and Hebrew. Wholly inventive and wildly original, the band’s sound is worth taking the time to find.

Skully’s Music Diner, a neon-and-stainless-steel, retro-designed venue located in Columbus’ Short North arts district, was a perfect place to host this show. Fool’s Gold began the set with their sophomore LP’s title track, which opens with a strong guitar riff followed by a smooth melodic dive into the core of the song. That gave the audience a chance to explore the eccentricity of their sound right off the bat. As the set progressed into “Nadine,” the audience seemed unable to resist the infectious tunes that evolved the performance into a dance party. The band looked as captivated by this feel-good vigor as the show-goers. “Tel Aviv” united the mood of familiarity and reminisces while wrestling between English and Hebrew verses as frontman Luke Top profoundly sang “I think of you, my Tel Aviv.”

The openers were local acts You’re So Bossy — a three piece band with dominating drum beat and soothing vocals — and Maza Blaska, a bouncy indie-folk seven-piece band.  The show turned a mundane rainy Monday night into joyous dance party. Good openers, great headliner, fun atmosphere — all of these are winning factors for a great performance.

Fool’s Gold – Wild Window by iamsoundrecords

Fool’s Gold – Street Clothes by iamsoundrecords   

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