Fanfarlo: “Replicate (Teletextile Remix)”

Matt gushed a few weeks back about the new single from Fanfarlo, entitled “Replicate.” Well, as it turns out, the lead singer of New York City band Teletextile, Pamela Martinez, met the fine folks that make up the orchestral-folk quintet in the not-so-distant past when she hosted them in her lovely loft apartment as they swung through for some dates in support of 2009’s Reservoir. Well, the band and Martinez became friends, and her previous lack of knowledge of Fanfarlo’s music was filled with a keen enjoyment of the band’s repertoire.

Martinez (pictured), who makes up Teletextile along with a handful of other  musicians including drummer Allan Mednard, tried her hand at remixing “Replicate,” at the request of her musical friends. The resulting track is a pretty neat instrumental stab at re-inventing the original. Teletextile are a talented band in their own right, and have released a five-song EP titled Reflector, and will release their second LP Glass on European label Lili Is Pi Records on October 14. A sample track, the sprawling rat-a-tat, ring-a-ding, and “ahh ahh ahhhhhh ah” delight “I Don’t Know How to Act Here,” is available for download below along with the Fanfarlo remix. Enjoy!

Fanfarlo – Replicate (Teletextile Remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

Teletextile – I Dont Know How to Act Here by The Wounded Jukebox  

Two other bands tried their hands at remixing “Replicate” as well. Check those out too!

Fanfarlo – Replicate (The 2 Bears Remix) by Fanfarlo

Fanfarlo – Replicate (Senz Remix) by Fanfarlo 

Some Teletextile links below!

[Bandcamp]  [iTunes]  [Official Site]



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