The Best of Matt’s September (2011)


This month, I took a bit of a tumble during a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee.  And several of those lovely metatarsals you see above were inclined to go their separate ways.  The inability to drive, walk, and shower properly have all led to a crazed/frustrated manner towards all things sedentarily inclined.  I could be/SHOULD be doing OTHER things rather than sitting on my ass.  This is where I should insert something about enjoying the slower pace of life and watching the leaves blow in the wind.  As adults, rare IS the occasion we get to just gaze out the passenger window on a drive.  But really, I just want to Groundhog Day murder my cast.

September was a quivering, snapping, balancing act of a month.  But these are the songs that made it much more enjoyable.

Luke Temple – “Ophelia”
Luke Temple – Ophelia by The Wounded Jukebox


Appetite – “Fiery Ring” (Johnny Cash Cover)
Appetite – Fiery Ring by keithtmccartney

Penguin Prison – “Don’t Fuck With My Money”
Penguin Prison- Don’t Fuck With My Money by Keadz’ Fever_2


FILMS – “Matilda”
Films – Matilda by The Recommender


Laura Veirs – “Life Is Good Blues”
Laura Veirs- Life Is Good Blues by littlegreengem


Time Machine – “Matter Transporter”
Time Machine – Matter Transporter by The Wounded Jukebox


matt pond PA – “Fairlee”
matt pond PA – Fairlee by Polyvinyl Records


Austra – “Beat and the Pulse” (Vondelpark Remix)
Austra – Beat and the Pulse (Vondelpark Remix) by snipelondon


Julian Lynch – “Black”
Julian Lynch: “Back” by alteredzones


Bibio – “Lover’s Carvings” (Salah Ananse House in the Park Club Edit)
Bibio- Lover’s Carvings (Salah Ananse House In The Park Club Edit) by Salah Ananse






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