Vacationer: “Gone”

Lasse Bech Martinussen

Sitting on your laurels, much less hiding them from view, is notoriously difficult when you know you’ve got something amazing to share.  That’s why so many musicians are excited to see what the world thinks of their new material.  But with the way the music world works, often holding on to a finished project for months before it sees any sort of daylight, the waiting can be hardest part.  Vacationer – featuring yet unnamed members from Body Language and the vocal talents of Kenny Vasoli (*, who made my high school senior year a giant romp-a-roo courtesy of his old band The Starting Line – are beginning to see the light.  They un-caged the second track from their untitled EP this week; giving “Gone” to the world we know will love it.  We can’t say enough great things about the east coast band that seems to have found a perfect formula for relaxing/sing-a-long-able music.

So a big THANK YOU! goes to the band for giving us permission to host this stream/download of “Gone” for you to sink your toes/woes in.

Vacationer – Gone by The Wounded Jukebox

And if you are living within 100 miles of Brooklyn on October 22nd, you should really go see Vacationer’s show at the Brooklyn Bowl.  It will be well worth whatever the gas prices are at the time.  Guaranteed.

Vacationer — Trip by cohabit

DOM – Jesus (VACATIONER Remix) by Vacationer


[Official Website] [Facebook] [SoundCloud]



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