Cultfever: “Knewyouwell”

Cultfever are Tamara Jafar and J. Peter Durniak, Brooklynites with a gift for crafting aurally pleasing dreampop. On “Knewyouwell,” Durniak has crafted a lush sonic landscape for Jafar’s dreamy vocals to wander in and out of. Complete with snaps-and-handclap breakdowns and just an overall sense of cool, “Knewyouwell” reminds me of those scenes in movies where a character is running in slow motion while the world around them flies by in fast-forward. Jafar’s voice is that slow-motion character. She embraces the spotlight and her vocals add an airy touch to a very busy combination of elements beneath.

Cultfever’s album will be released November 1 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and presumably any other reputable musical outlet. For now, check out “Knewyouwell” and another lovely track “Spill” below.

Cultfever – Knewyouwell by The Wounded Jukebox

Cultfever – Spill by The Wounded Jukebox

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