Icarus Himself: Career Culture [Full Album Stream!]

The trio of cool dudes that make up Madison, Wisconsin psych-folk outfit Icarus Himself have done something awfully generous. They’ve made their album Career Culture, which sees its official release on October 11 via Science Of Sound Records, available for streaming on Soundcloud for a full 24 hours. The weather here in the Midwest has been cloudy and cool for the better part of a week, and I can say that this record is a fitting companion to those lazy days where the sun peaks through that gray wall, just to remind you it’s there, with all its warmth. The songs on Career Culture do just the same (metaphorically, of course), but be prepared for that sunshine to slap you in the face a few times as the guys get a little raucous.

Icarus Himself began as the solo project of Nick Whetro in 2008, but grew to a musical threesome when he added friends Brad Kolberg (drums) and Karl Christenson (many things) to flesh out his largely autobiographical tales. Early highlights for me are the spacey funkiness of “WI via IN,” the previously blogged-about “On Your Side” and the super low-key “Used To Be.”

Get this preview while it’s hot, kids! The full stream is below, and if you visit the band’s Bandcamp page to pre-order the album, two songs are instantly yours. So giving, they are.

Sorry kids, the stream of this album is no longer active.

cover (Career Culture is available 10/11/11 from Science of Sound Records)

“On Your Side” – Icarus Himself by PlanetaryOnlinePR

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