Oh Land: “Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National cover)”

Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Danish artist Oh Land, has put her stamp on a song that was one of my favorites of 2010, The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” The cover replaces the aggressive drumbeat that powered the original with a buoyant-but-slightly-spooky backing beat, and some sparse keyboard arrangements tucked in nicely throughout. Covering a song like this can only be done the way Fabricius has done it here: by making it your own. If it sounded too much like the original, what would be the point?

The lyric Stand up straight at the foot of your love, I… take it too far is now the polar opposite of Matt Berninger’s low-low croon. It’s sung in the high end of Fabricius’ lovely soprano, and it’s a little haunting that way. All in all, it’s an interesting take, one that requires a few listens to really appreciate. Fortunate, then, that we have it for download below. Listen away.

Oh Land – Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National cover) by The Wounded Jukebox 

Oh Land (Oh Land is available now from Sony Music)

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