Noah And The Whale: “Waiting For my Chance To Come (Bibio Remix)”

The newest effort from Brit folksters Noah And The Whale delved further into their poppier side than the band’s previous two albums. Last Night On Earth was filled with slickly-produced harmonies and irresistibly catchy hooks galore, but if I’m being completely honest I preferred the band’s debut and sophomore records a tad bit more. But there were plenty of great moments to savor on LNOE, among them “Waiting For My Chance To Come.”

Enter fellow Englishman, electronic producer Bibio, and his downright clubworthy remix of “Waiting For My Chance To Come.” Those strumming Tom Petty-ish guitars and accompanying violins have been replaced with some funkier riffs and a pulsing backbeat, and then the vocals get all digitally warped for a bit as the dance party continues. A hipster rave — one we all hope we’re cool enough to be seen at. Check it out below.

Waiting For My Chance To Come – Bibio Remix by Noah and the Whale 

[Official Site]



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