The Dø: Both Ways Open Jaws [Full Album Stream]

The Do

When we music bloggers attempt to categorize a band with a genre or a type of sound, it’s not necessarily to pigeon hole or limit the band in question.  At least that’s not why, I personally, do it.  I do it (sometimes mentally), to help me remember the band.  It’s that simple, like a index card in a file drawer in a warehouse.  I’m really really trying not to sound like an egomaniac when I say this, but The Wounded Jukebox gets a LOT of submissions and exposure to LOTS of different songs and it’s very hard to keep track sometimes.  (Woe is us right?)

The matzo ball in the bag of marshmallows of the matter is: the bands that defy any label of any sort.  Sure, there are artists that re-invent themselves from album to album, but on the forthcoming sophomore effort from French/Finnish duo The Dø (a deer, a female deer), Olivia Merilahti (singer and musician) and Dan Levy (multi-instrumentalist) re-congregate their entire psyche on each of Both Ways Open Jaws’ 12 tracks.  It’s a veritable aural smorgasbord.

With Merilahti’s forgone/far-gone vocals painting a winding path through the 12-step journey into a peaceful end, we wake up to a different world a dozen nights in a row.  You can’t not find a song that fits you perfectly on this record.  Gentle thinkers will delight in the opening “Dust It Off”, while cynical pessimists will deign to raise an eyebrow in tune with the following “Gonna Be Sick!”  And it goes into a decade of unexplored multi-verses from there.  I’m a combination of a dirt road wanderer and an anarchist because I’ve fallen in love with both “The Wicked & The Blind” and “Smash Them All (Night Visitors)”.  Find your match below, courtesy of the The Dø themselves!

Both Ways Open Jaws by The Dø


-From their debut album, A Mouthful (streamable here)

Stay Just a Little Bit More- The Dø by Cloverleaf.bcb

the-do-album(Both Ways Open Jaws is available stateside 11/15/11 from Six Degrees Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [LastFM]



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