Radioseven: “Sunset”

Not much is known about the artist that is Radioseven, and he/she prefers it that way. I’m okay with that, because the track that was dropped in our inbox is full of shimmering synths and kinda makes me want to dance and reflect at the same time. Is contemplating life’s mysteries while getting busy on the dance floor possible? If it is, “Sunset” might be on the soundtrack for it. Or maybe it’s music to stargaze to, preferably in the middle of a wide-open field with a slight chill to the air.

Radioseven has two previous releases according to its bandcamp page. From checking out An Escape EP, released in May of this year, it seems as though this kind of chilled-out celestial groove is what the artist does best, and that’s just fine with me. Because Radioseven does it well. Check out “Sunset” below, and also the title track from An Escape.

Radioseven – Sunset by The Wounded Jukebox

Radioseven – An Escape by The Wounded Jukebox

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