The Cameras: “I Know”


If the storm troopers of the German or Lucas (take your pick) empires were issued music collections along with their helmets and rifles, it might include something like what Australia’s The Cameras pound into the drums of your ears.  Their music is powerful, vast and a little frightening.  In the sun drenched land down under, the nocturnal din Eleanor Dunlop (vocals/keys), Fraser Harvey (vocals/guitar/bass) and Ben Mason (drums) create is surprising and if you give it a chance; amazing.

Take “I Know” for example.  Literally…take it.  And while you’re down there check out the Grimm video for “Defeatist”; another track from In Your Room, which is due on the 24th.



Cameras-InYourRoom (In Your Room is available 10/24/11 from Sony Red)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [BandCamp] [Twitter]



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