Video: M83 — “Midnight City”

The album that took Anthony Gonzalez three years to get just right finally sees its official release today. With Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming hitting stores of the digital and physical variety today, Anthony Gonzalez and his fellow French pals, directors Fleur & Manu, unleash the video for “Midnight City,” a 4-minute, 4-second clip that’s slightly unsettling and heartwarming at the same time.

Children under observation for their special powers use those same abilities to escape their adult captors, and what do kids do when left to their own devices? Why, play of course! Only these kids — with nothing more than a glow of their eyes and some directional hand motions — fling tires and trailers around an abandoned warehouse. In the end, it’s about togetherness. Or, maybe it’s not. At the very least, it’s a wonderful video, one that doesn’t fit the song perfectly but works well nonetheless.

Check out the video, and stream “Midnight City” and “Intro (Featuring Zola Jesus)” below.

M83 – Intro (Featuring Zola Jesus)

M83 – Midnight City

M83-midnight-city-single-artwork-590x590 [Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]  [iTunes]



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