Wild Vibes: “Don’t Stop”

New York band Wild Vibes have done something very interesting. Their manner of combining the very different DIY aesthetics of electronic music and garage rock keeps the warm, lo-fi feel alive and well while incorporating a few mechanized elements. There’s the scratch and the fuzz of home recording, and underneath it some dynamite digital effects give it a really interesting slickness. The two singles from the band’s newest EP Zolpidem Lovesick do a nice job illustrating the band’s ability to navigate both ends of that electro-garage spectrum.

“Don’t Stop” would be perfect for a room full of hipsterkids to dance to, and I mean that in a totally awesome way. It lends itself to the toe-tapping and the bouncing and swaying, relying on keyboards and some great percussion to fuel a sort of chilled out groove. And then “Molly” almost sounds like surf-rock in certain spots, with plenty of reverbed-out guitar licks and vocals, and lines like So come with me, we’ll take some ecstasy, we’ll make those sad thoughts go adios.

Both of Wild Vibes’ EPs are available for free on their Bandcamp page, and you can download “Don’t Stop” and “Molly” below.

Wild Vibes – Don’t Stop by The Wounded Jukebox

Wild Vibes – Molly by The Wounded Jukebox

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