Cub Scouts: “Evie”

Apparently, the stream of talented Australian bands with buoyant and catchy tunes to bestow upon the masses will never end. This song by Brisbane, Australia quintet Cub Scouts bounds about with the youthful energy befitting a band whose members are all in their late teens or early twenties. At last check, lead singer Tim Nelson was just 19, and my goodness it feels wonderful to hear his band’s catchy keyboard riffs that seem capable of lifting the listener and carrying them away.

Nelson’s vocals on “Evie” sound wonderfully similar to Matt Costa, and Zoe Davis’ vocals add just a smidgen of sugar underneath this song’s delightful rhythms. This fivesome have been making music together for only a year according to their bio, but man they’ve come pretty close to a home run right out of the box. And goodness, even the lyrics are adorable and charming!

I know a girl, she’s a puzzle of a thousand pieces

I know a girl, she’ll get inside your head and find the creases

Repeat until you’re giggling and tapping your toes. I sure did.

Cub Scouts – Evie by The Wounded Jukebox

[Facebook] [Official Site] [Bandcamp]



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