Django Django: “Waveforms”

Django Django

A slight Dubstep intro, morphing into tribal chorals and hypnotic pylons of fuzz and treble?  Yez, yez pleez.  Django Django are the prominent English masters of visual audio; creating songs that appear instantly within your mind’s eye as floating/rotating/melding shapes and colors.  This has never been more exemplified than on their brand new single, “Waveforms”.  The leaping and striding harmonies paired with the strong rhythm swings are made for a special corner of your mind, where they’ll clean up the clutter and refuse until only they remain.  It’ll be your soundtrack for ages.   And ever since I’ve watched the Kim Coleman’s video for the track, it’s similarly impossible to separate the song from the visuals.  Circles, curtains, patterns, light: “Waveforms” is a textural burr storm of glee you’d be advised to dive headlong into.
Django Django – Waveforms by Django Django

The Waveforms EP also includes a remix by Wild Geese, and a right trippy alternate reality version of the title track called “Drumforms”.  And I find that word pleasing to the eye I do.

Here are some things Django Django related we scraped together.  Because you most likely had vegetables today. And that’s awesome.

Django Django – Waveforms (Mickey Moonlight Remix) MiSK Edit by MiSK

Django Django – Storm by musicmule

Django Django – WOR by The Bonjour Branch

81305805-1 (The Waveforms EP is available now from Because Music)

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