Beaty Heart: Slush Puppy/Cola EP


Josh Mitchell (vocals, guitar, samplers), Charlie Rotberg (drums, samplers), James Moruzzi (samplers, drums, vocals), Thomas Gunning (drums, samplers, vocals) are Beaty Heart, the Peckham quartet with a brand new EP out from Worry Free Records.  And as keen as you are (you’re looking snazzy today by the way), you probably noticed that Charlie, James, and Thomas are all specialists of the percussive orientation.  That’s three drummers, and they actually tend to play simultaneously during live performances and the occasional recording.  The Goldsmiths College graduates call their brand of music “Psychadelic Drum Pop”, and if we were to join in the pigeon-holing, it would get our vigorous agreement.  Drums, rim beats, bells, and a gazillion other objects are pounded and stomped on in brilliant fashions on their Slush Puppy/Cola EP.  The three song collection is a very listen-able subaqueous turned oil slick swimming party.

And we really really tried to get past the ridiculously obvious comparisons to Animal Collective (honestly we did), but every second of “Slush Puppy”, “Cola”, and “We’re All Friends Here” is infused and painted with the Collective’s influence.  What eventually sets Beaty Heart apart in the end, is their willingness to drift and gnaw on the occasional simple vibe, as heard in the opening and closing moments of EP closer “We’re All Friends Here”.  Beaty Heart is perhaps a little more lyrically clear as well.  Some of it makes sense it does.  The whole short player is wonderful actually, and we recommend it heartily.
1.Slush Puppy by BEATYHEART


3.We’re All Friends Here by BEATYHEART

EP-myspace480(The Slush Puppy/Cola EP is available now from Worry Free Records)

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