Miracles of Modern Science: “Eating Me Alive”

Many moons ago, when I worked in college radio, I attended the College Music Journal (CMJ) Music Marathon in New York City. It was a glorious handful of days spent discovering and meeting up-and-coming bands and getting into all kinds of mischief at clubs around the five boroughs. Those were glorious times. The festival can certainly ignite a band’s career, and it appears that a strong showing at CMJ 2011 has Brooklyn-based quintet Miracles of Modern Science poised to burst onto the scene.

When listening to “Eating Me Alive,” it’s pretty easy to see why MOMS is going to blow up. Employing a dazzling array of stringed instruments — mandolin, cello, violin, and upright bass to be exact — the band has composed songs that are well-arranged and well-executed, but at the same time that alluring improvisational element. The fivesome utilize all manner of sound that their orchestral instruments can produce, and bassist/vocalist Evan Younger really sings his heart out. The band’s debut album Dog Year, which will be officially released December 6.

Check out “Eating Me Alive” as well as “Tensity” below.

Eating Me Alive by miraclesofmodernscience

 Tensity by miraclesofmodernscience 

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