The Alcoves: “Sad Clown”

The Alcoves

Splendid sorts of Swedish rock shredding now.  You ready?  After listening to the songs on their SoundCloud, it can be definitively said that The Alcoves are very adept at saying exactly what they want to, and using their fingers to express everything they’re feeling when they say it.  There are lots of bands that can’t replicate the emotions that wrote the words when it comes time to sing them.  Sweden’s The Alcoves aren’t one of them.  Between the shivering vocals and the simultaneously prancing and stampeding guitar droves, you can hear the desperation in a song like “Sad Clown”.  And in a brilliant example of their manner of song crafting, the track features an end cap of over two and a half minutes of nothing but majestic guitar and cymbal exaltations.  It’ll make you feel damn powerful.

Stay tuned for more goodness from The Alcoves as they continue to work on their debut album. But for now, rejoice with me in “Sad Clown”, below.
Sad Clown by TheAlcoves

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