The Leisure Society: “We Were Wasted”

the_leisure_society_thumbThis is in no way relevant or timely; it is simply an amazing song.  I just saw a trailer for Tyrannosaur, starring the amazing Peter Mullan, whom I would force to read Walt Whitman daily if I could, and heard snippets of a song I believed to be stupendous.  So, being the modern man I attempt to be, I held my phone up and let the woogiewhatszit song ID app go to work.  And lo and behold, I was introduced to The Leisure Society’s “We Were Wasted”, from their 2009 album The Sleeper.  Now as a site, we’ve covered a bit of TLS’s newest Into The Murky Water (released this past May), but now we’re encouraging you to go back in time and buy the album this song belongs to: because both are decidedly great.

Get wrapped up in the guitar work, and download below.
The Leisure Society – We Were Wasted by The Wounded Jukebox

51Big7fE-SL._SS500_(The Sleeper is available now from  Willkommen Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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