Freakish Atlantic: “Video Games” (Lana Del Rey Cover)

Freakish Atlantic Lana Del Rey I never completely understood the appeal of Lana Del Rey and her “Video Games”.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I just don’t know why.  When we asked why they chose to cover Del Rey’s breakout, Berlin’s Freakish Atlantic put it into the words I couldn’t.

The song itself felt like a perfect choice because it quite a unique pop tune. It’s sexy and depressing at the same time, which is a mixture that excited us.

We really liked the idea to transform that into our own sound microcosm, giving it a more lo-fi approach.

Marius and Florian draw out the war drums and isolate the guitar and keyboard backdrops of the original, but as with their tradition, they add the slight touches that makes their music so addicting.  Granted, their vocals don’t sound as pouty and sultry as the lady’s.  There’s no way they can compete with the way Del Rey says “keeuuuisss”.  The soft baritone substitute fits well though, providing a possible avenue for women to see why the song is so attractive.  It really is sexy and depressing at the same time.

Download their take for free.
video games (lana del rey cover) by freakish atlantic

And be sure to visit the Freakish Atlantic SoundCloud page for more great tunes.  If you haven’t heard “Siren Song” yet, you need to.

Video Games [Facebook] [SoundCloud] [BandCamp]


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