Honey For Petzi: “Handmade Cloaks”

Honey For Petzi

Immediately, I’m wondering who Petzi of Honey For Petzi is, and cursing my lack of European reference knowledge (Is this him?).  The foursome from France that makes music under said name probably has other motives for making music, but their name speaks to their playful nature, which is profoundly evident in their recent album, General Thoughts And Tastes (fully stream-able here).  It’s full of twists and slights of hand in the paths their songs take.  You see whenever you listen to music, your brain is automatically searching for a rhythm to latch onto (this is true, rhythm helps encode info).  The mischievous nature of Honey For Petzi doesn’t allow this to happen easily.  Just when you think you have a song down mentally, the key changes, or a song begins with and carries a dissonant chord longer than you’d expect.  It’s exhausting, but exhilarating as well.

One of easiest to enjoy is “Handmade Cloaks”.  It has a sequential massing of instrumental rhythms that builds until you’re enveloped in hand claps, drum beats, and clarion call voices from all directions.  It also has a subtlety to it as well.  So much so that if you try to listen too intently or expectantly, you’ll miss out on the smaller variations.  It’s difficult to explain, but it doesn’t even need to be.  You can just listen with an absent mind, and enjoy all the same.
Honey For Petzi – Handmade Cloaks by La Petite Invite#

The video for “Handmade Cloaks” is similarly clever, using your expectation of camera angles to keep you watching for the very second the frame will pan up.  Will it?  Won’t it?

General Thoughts and Tastes(General Thoughts and Tastes is available now from Two Gentlemen Records)

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