The Revival Hour: “Hold Back”/”Run Away”

tumblr_lslpz6aPwP1r2mxb8o1_r1_500DM Stith and John Mark Lapham are joined at the hip as The Revival Hour, a duo bent on canvassing their music in all the vintage colors of the rainbow.  Between the two of them, they’ve collaborated, remixed, been remixed and produced a whole heckofaton of the great music you’ve heard in the past few years (The Earlies, The Late Squad, My Brightest Diamond, Shearwater, Richard Swift).  They have a new double side out featuring two very different songs, in two very excellent fashions.  The one getting all the attention is “Hold Back”, with Dr. Dog shadows pouring from it an all directions.  The piano and fuzzy choir reverb is spot on proof of what experience can bring to a song.  I can just picture a closed-eye Stith beating his chest while recording the vocals.  I jist dunno how ta howld bak sun!  You might not hear the best of it on the first listen, but once you get wind of the string entrances, and all the touches the floating choirs give, you’ll be convinced how great the song really is.
Hold Back by The Revival Hour
On the flip side is “Run Away”, a falsetto jungle romp with all the effects of that hallucinogenic plant you accidently licked earlier.  You’re running, running, running away as fast as you can, but the demons of your mind are still right behind you…and they have wings!  (Wraiths on wingzzzzzz!)  Ahem…

Run Away by The Revival Hour

It doesn’t matter where you start: the double side is good all over.  Keep The Revial Hour in your thoughts.  You’ll want their record, which is under construction even as you read.

*And if you haven’t heard of DM Stith or his counterpart before, you’ve been missing out on one of the best vocalists and musicians in the biz.
DM Stith – Abraham’s Song (Bibio remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

(The “Hold Back”/“Run Away” double side is available now from Asthmatic Kitty Records

[Official Website] [DM Stith Website] [DM Stith Blog]


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