Video: De Montevert – “Du kommer ångra dig”

De Montevert

We’re at a bit of a disadvantage here.  Here, as in the United States, instead of Ellinor Nilsson’s Sweden, where she and most everyone there speaks Swedish and understands what the songs of De Montevert are saying.  Nilsson has quite a few songs in English, and she seems to spend equal time between the two languages, but the singles she’s released thus far (“Skyll på mig” and now “Du kommer ångra dig”) have been in her native tongue.  And though I’ve always been fascinated to know why so many bilingual Scandinavians choose to make music in a foreign language, that doesn’t mean I’m relieved when they don’t – only intensely curious.

That frustration is helped a little by the visual nature of De Montevert’s “Du kommer ångra dig” (translated as “You will regret it”).  Actually seeing her sing the words helps me believe I can nearly make out what she’s saying.  And this is actually the first music video where we’ve seen Nilsson in daylight.  Her past performances have been on webcams in dimly lit rooms, singing demos and cover songs.  It’s great to see her out and about.  She’s adorable.

De Montevert – Du kommer ångra dig by Nomethod Records

De Montevert was one of our 24 Women to Watch in 2011. Click on the link to check out the other 23!

demont_dukommer_web (The Du kommer ångra dig EP is available now from Nomethod Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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