Video: Yukon Blonde — “Water”

The lush harmonies. That janglin’ guitar. A healthy dose of kickdrum goodness. Yes, I remember Yukon Blonde, who we first featured way back in 2010. The Vancouver-based band have released a fresh EP, entitled Fire//Water, and are set to tour Canada in November whilst supporting Movember by sporting their freshly-groomed mustaches onstage. Yukon Blonde have also released a video for one half of the EP’s namesake, “Water,” and it is a rugged Western-style tale of the search for life’s most basic necessity, with a friend’s survival hanging in the balance. The comparisons that come easiest with Yukon Blonde are impressive: Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Blitzen Trapper. They do the Northwest folk-rock sound without being from the Northwest. And they do it well.

Check out the other song the band’s EP takes its name from, “Fire,” as well as the video for “Water” below.

Fire by Yukon Blonde by Nevado 

(Fire//Water is available now from Dine Alone Records)

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