The Best of Matt’s October (2011)

NGC 3372

That is a real picture (credit to Robert Gendler and Ryan Hannahoe).  How. Bloody. Amazing. Is that?  It’s the Carina Nebula, also known as NGC 3372, spanning over 300 light-years; it’s a veritable Supernova factory as well as one of our galaxy’s largest star forming regions.  The Carina Nebula is constantly churning with atomic life and death.

We’ve just started teaching atmospheric and planetary subjects to our 8th grade science classes, and it’s reminded me of just how amazing Astronomy is.  It makes writing music seem insignificant in comparison, but if you think about all the music you play and hear, it’s easy to imagine those same sound waves floating off into space too.  Maybe we’re filling the universe with music somehow.

October has been a month of recovery and discovery for me.  The women in my life make the understanding of theoretical physics an attainable goal.  Space…

Deportees – “Islands and Shores”
Deportees – Islands And Shores (New Single) by UniversalMusicSweden

Canon Blue – “Chicago”
Canon Blue – Chicago by The Wounded Jukebox

C.W. Stoneking – “The Love Me or Die”
The Love Me or Die – C.W. Stoneking by tracks_arte

Rachael Dadd – “Table”
Rachael Dadd – Table by ForFolksSake

Love Inks – “Blackeye”
Love Inks – Blackeye by WorkItMedia

Dean Martin – “Volare”
Dean Martin – Volare by mirzaaliyev

Lloyd Nolan – “I Don’t Know About You”
10 .. I don’t know about you – Lloyd Nolan by Chicos de la bolsa roja

Wires In The Walls – “The Ringer”
Wires in The Walls – The Ringer by launderground

Real Estate – “It’s Real”
Real Estate – It’s Real by snipelondon

Bachelorette – “Blanket”
Bachelorette – Blanket by bangkokerror



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