New London Fire: “Other Side of Town”

New London Fire

I have no debt.  It feels like a dirty secret I have, being a college graduate in these times.  While my friends are still paying off student loans (and probably will for years) or looking for a job that fits the major printed oh so elegantly on the diploma they paid for, I have none and a job.  I don’t know why it makes me so embarrassed.  At times I’ve even lied, acting as if I too have a burden I can’t see up from under.  I did it to fit in.  There are so many who have it worse.  Here in Cincinnati, Ohio we have our own “Occupy Wallstreet”, and some folks have even been arrested after staying in the parks past 10pm.  A sense of obligation to join them has been nagging at me ever since the television reports began.  But I have a job to go to…

David Debiak has brought all of his experience and time with Sleep Station, and his brother Jason too, and focused it into his new project, New London Fire.  It’s music and lyric center around a search for life’s better opportunities while staking a defiant and proud claim to fight against unjust ends.  On the upcoming album The Dirt, The Blood, The Faith the deeper left side of pianos rumble, feet stomp, hands clap, and voices rise.  When I first hit play, I was immediately struck by album opener “Other Side of Town”.  The drums and old fashioned fiddle wave like a banner in my mind’s eye, calling the listener to stand and follow, to wherever the rest of the album leads.  I asked for David’s insight behind the song and the Henry Fonda cold open video.  He had this to say:

“Many of the songs on the record are about the workers during the industrial revolution and today. This song is a call to action, a single character who is willing to rally the despondent and rejected around him to organize and fight back.

The Tom Joad clip represents the revolutionary spirit of change from our past. Right now people from all different walks of life are standing up and hitting back. Thanks to technology we are witnessing what oppression looks like up close and personal, it is happening right here as well as all over the world. I wanted to incorporate that first person perspective and speak directly to the viewer. When you see police forces that look like something out of a sci-fi movie marching like Nazis through a crowd and smashing in peoples skulls it provokes you, makes you wonder…what the fuck is going on here and what can I do to stop it.”

And the album leads to places you’ll be glad you marched.  Songs like “Rise”, “Until the Light Goes Out On Me”, and title track “The Dirt, The Blood, The Faith” are more likely to be catalysts for your internal epiphanies than any song you’ve heard in a long while.  There’s just something about Debiak’s voice that suits the words and music perfectly, and begs to be sung along with.  You can get a sense of what I mean when you listen to/watch/download “Other Side of Town”.  If there’s any sense of discord in your soul, it will grip and reveal it.  It did for me (see first paragraph).

Other Side of Town by melmar

The Dirt The Blood The Faith (The Dirt, The Blood, The Faith is available 11/22/11)

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