The Lower 48: “The End”

I have never been to Portland, Oregon. But I imagine that there’s music spilling from every shop and tavern, and that talented, endearing bands like The Lower 48 stand on street corners or walk through neighborhoods playing delightful songs like “The End,” the first single from Where All Maps End, the trio’s first-ever full-length. Is that too idealized? Who knows. But this song, with its irresistible male-female vocal pairing, its guitar-and-tambourine jangling and its lovely twinge of melancholy, would be a welcome greeting coming around any bend in the road.

The Lower 48 are transplants to Portland, having originated in another city I want to visit but never have, Minneapolis. But they — Ben Braden, Sarah Parson and Nicholas Sadler — found inspiration in their new home, and will unveil the fire started by that spark on December 13 via self-release. They’ll be celebrating with friends and fans on December 29 in Portland. What a wonderful way to end the year, huh? Download “The End” below!

The Lower 48 – The End by The Wounded Jukebox

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  1. #1 by Anonymous on November 2, 2011 - 3:28 PM

    I am from Portland. It is surprisingly like that.

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