Cillie Barnes: “Indian Hill” / “Hey Hi”

Vanessa Long is lovely. Not solely because she’s gifted. Not just because she seems, from her music and her website, to be a quirky and interesting lass. Not only because she’s a very pretty lady. But also because she is 1. Formerly a piece of one of Matt’s musical obsessions at TWJ, Family of the Year, and 2. The muse who makes an adorable and mischievous cameo in the PAPA video for “I Am The Lion King” I posted a couple weeks back. For all of these reasons, I was thrilled to find out that Long, a Los Angeles native, has a solo career brewing as Cillie Barnes. And I was further delighted to embrace the two songs she has unleashed on the world thus far.

There’s an nice contrast between these two tunes. On “Indian Hill,” there’s some neat interplay between bass and lead guitars, and Long’s vocal reminds me somewhat, at a few different points, of Kimya Dawson. And then there’s “Hey Hi,” a low-key but bubbly number where she crams several words into small spaces and has a few different vocal tracks mixed together to create a really cool layering effect. Oh yeah, and there’s some twinkling keyboards. That’s cool too.

All in all, it’s a neat debut, and worth a listen for sure. Download both tracks below.

Cillie Barnes – Indian Hill by The Wounded Jukebox

Cillie Barnes – Hey Hi by The Wounded Jukebox 

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