Joseph & David: “Falling Wood”


I think if you were ever to find a peaceful spot in a blizzard or a calm moment in a tornado, you would find Joseph Lawrenson (left) and David Henshaw (right) there, tuning their instruments.  As Joseph & David, the Leeds duo tend to begin from a place of solemn stillness in their music.  But in a wonderful twist of hope, they can very easily step out of that haven, and burst into choruses of brass, ivory and air, serenading you with words of love and appreciation while the swings of bows and flashes of color swirl in front of your eyes.

Their music has been compared to that of Beirut and Bon Iver, and I can get that if I struggle to hear it, but I really hate to compare the music of one person to another’s.  A songwriter’s heart is imprinted in their words and style, and when I listen to the music Lawrenson and Henshaw make, it seems so much less achey/woe-is-me and so much more warm and frankly,…happy.  As if they had just stepped away from the best hug they’ve ever gotten, and they’re crying with joy.  On their second EP, Rise Up The Sun, Joseph & David share that warmth through the rich instrumentation and David’s fantastic vocals that can wisp and then billow like a cloud in the span of seconds.  On the first single, and lead track off the EP, “Falling Wood” you can hear exactly what I mean.

Joseph & David – Falling Wood by The Wounded Jukebox

And if you liked the song, here are live performances of two more tracks off the short-player; “Borderline” and title track “Rise Up The Sun”.

(The Rise Up The Sun EP is available 12/19/11 from Hide And Seek Records)

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