The Jezabels: “Trycolour”

Once Hayley Mary’s voice gets its hooks into you, it’s nigh impossible to break free. Mary is the lead singer of The Jezabels, a bitchin’ rock foursome from Sydney, Australia. Mary’s vocals are powerful, and they’re in full effect on her band’s new single “Trycolour,” the latest peak at the forthcoming Prisoner, which is out next Tuesday. But those vocals are just one piece of a wonderfully dynamic rock song. The chugging guitar and impressive percussion, along with some subtle keyboard work, remind me somewhat of a now-defunct, former-favorite band of mine, Rainer Maria. But Mary’s singing is more in the traditional woman-of-rock vein, and it’s the engine that drives “Trycolour.”

We featured The Jezabels track “Endless Summer” in one of our mixes in September, and I have a feeling that Prisoner will be one of my favorites as Fall moves into Winter. Download “Trycolour” below.

The Jezabels – Trycolour by wearesolidgold   

UPDATE: Check out the awesome video for “Trycolour” below!

(Prisoner is due out November 8 on Mom+Pop)

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