Milagres: “Glowing Mouth”


Puberty is especially hard on the guys.  And before you start claiming differently, I’ll tell you why.  The loss of our falsetto.  Once our voices change, we can no longer soar into the lofty upper ranges with the angels and eunuchs and choir boys.   How’d you like your wonderful Beiber-esque voice to fade to the tune of screeching and lilting tires and be able to do nothing about it?  It’s horrible.  I have to go low on EVERY harmony I participate in.  It’s not fair.

But there are a lucky few of us males, who are able to rediscover and reclaim their childhood voices.  They can stretch and mold the chords in their throats until they vibrate at all the wonderful frequencies it used to.  They make their vocal  chords remember.  On the rainbow rappelling “Glowing Mouth” by Brooklyn band Milagres (Portuguese for ‘Miracles’), singer Kyle Wilson (flabbergasted above) pushes the registers with heavy drum and thundering guitar backlay from completing members Chris Brazee, Steven Leventhal, Fraser McCulloch, and Eric Schwortz.

.  It’s like an extended scene from an exploitation film all about a giant chasing a damsel through candy cane fields.  Exactly like that.

Listen to the extended cut and the downloadable radio edit of “Glowing Mouth” below to hear and realize the milagre of the male falsetto.
Milagres – “Glowing Mouth” by indiemusicfilter

Milagres – Glowing Mouth by memphisindustries

The new Milagres album of the same name, Glowing Mouth, is out now from Kill Rock Stars Records.  Amongst others, it includes the excellent “Halfway”, which has one of the neatest videos of the year.

And here’s an extended, extended live performance of “Glowing Mouth” which features a short post-performance interview by the wonderful Maia MacDonald; musician and 1/2 of the best female-duo Pop band around, Mitten.

krs553 (Glowing Mouth is available now from Kill Rock Stars Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Bandcamp] [Twitter]



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