Jhameel: “Collision”

To listen to Jhameel’s body of work is to hear a performer growing more and more comfortable with his artistic voice. I was taken with this Los Angeles native’s covers of Fleet Foxes and The Knife when I first heard him early this year. I was thrilled to discover and repeat the varied and undeniably catchy tunes on his sophomore LP The Human Condition. And the attitude and ferocity — not to mention sheer danceable pop music prowess — that Jhameel displayed on “Shut Up” and the other tracks from this past summer’s Dance EP showed me yet another side of this dude’s talent. And his impressive potential.

With the release of “Collision,” Jhameel has begun a series entitled Waves, where he’ll release a new song for five straight weeks, all of them free for downloading for the foreseeable future. He’s been generous before with his musical catalog, with The Human Condition and Dance EP each being free for the taking. And “Collision” follows in the same musical vein as “Shut Up,” in that it’s got a clubworthy beat, driving synths and features Jhameel cutting loose vocally at times into an outright shout. And also that it’s awesome. Download “Collision” below.

Collision by jhameel

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