Sunbears!: “They Think They’re Soooo Philosophical”

I always feel a little awkward putting an exclamation point in the name of a band. Seems like that kind of punctuation should be saved for song titles, not song writers. But with Jacksonville, Florida duo Sunbears!, it doesn’t feel quite as uncomfortable. And that’s because their brand of psychadelic, electronic indie rock sorta gives you the same feeling as when a friend you haven’t seen in awhile drops by unexpectedly. You’d probably say “Steve! I wasn’t expecting a visit man, it’s great to see you!”

That exclamation feels natural, almost necessary. And with the melodic, reverb-drenched, somewhat giddy sounds produced by Jonathan Berlin (vocals, bass, guitar, keys, synth) and Jared Bowser (drums, percussion), the punctuation in Sunbears! means warmth. It means excitement. Grab “They Think They’re Soooo Philosophical,” as well as “Give Love A Try” below.

Sunbears – They Think They’re Soooo Philosophical by The Wounded Jukebox

Sunbears – Give Love A Try by The Wounded Jukebox

(Sunbears!’ album You Will Live Forever is out November 22 on New Granada Records)

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  1. #1 by The Tenth Number (@TheTenthNumber) on November 10, 2011 - 8:14 AM

    Liking The Soft Bulletin vibe here, nice.

  1. Sunbears! Kicks off Fall Tour Schedule | Reluctant-Rebel

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