Video: The Staves – “Mexico”

Crank up the resolution if your rig allows it, because as simple as the video is, it’s best served with the clarity directors Benji Davies and Jim Field of Frater intended.  The Staves have a matching style of elegance and simplicity to their music, pairing harmonies with one or two guitars.  Those harmonies however, are thrice layered and perfect; imagine if three Laura Marlings harmonized (pleasant sighhhhhhh).  And those guitars are deceptively hidden and expertly restrained.  Together, the trio of English sisters make music that is peaceful, beautiful and addicting.  On the new video for EP lead “Mexico”, the guys at Frater measured and sketched the lines of a room to within an inch of their lives, until they had the dimensions just so.  The result is a dance of light and shape that lets a bit of magic live in real time around the performing siblings.  Simple, but elegant.  And wonderful.

The new Mexico EP also features two unreleased songs; “Icarus” and “I Try”.  The former builds and twirls.  The latter prophesizes and imparts.  Listen to all three tracks of the short player below.
Mexico by The Staves

Icarus by The Staves

I Try by The Staves

artworks-000013525832-sz051a-crop(The Mexico EP is available internationally 12/11/11)

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