Forest Mountain Hymnal: “Buckeye Jim” (Burl Ives Cover)


We of the music writing and commenting arena love gimmicks.  Whether it be a background story, or a nifty band characteristic, we seem to latch on and push those features up as if they’re the most important thing about the people behind the songs.  It’s a problem and we acknowledge it.  So when we met husband and wife duo Forest Mountain Hymnal via submission, we were already weak and vulnerable.  Together, Jonathan and Rebecca Moody croon and harmonize the best of the old folk songs and weave and spin new yarns of their own.  Our very favorite is their rendition of Burl Ive’s children’s classic, “Buckeye Jim”.  Whistles, Claw hammer banjo, flitting flautists, and joined voices at the perfect moments will have you addicted.  The song is the lead off their When You And I Shall Marry EP, the first of a slew of great covers.

Forest Mountain Hymnal are adepts at the small touches, allowing the song to take the path it will, and following it diligently.

Buckeye Jim by Forest Mountain Hymnal

And the Nashville couple recently moved to Nantes, France, where the air and spirit of the country is clearly affecting them in all the best ways.  On their brand new collection entitled Fitcher’s Bird and Other Tales of the Macabre, their instrumentation has grown, and so has the couple, indulging in call and response and harmonizing whenever they can.

Fitcher’s Bird and Other Tales of the Macabre by Forest Mountain Hymnal

Visit the Forest Mountain Hymnal’s BandCamp page to stream and purchase all of their music!

[BandCamp] [SoundCloud] [Tumblr]



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