Video: Family of the Year – “St. Croix”

While weak in the lyric department, Family of the Year’s “St. Croix” is absolutely hulking in its likeability.  It’s undeniably fun and sing-song-alongable, beckoning you to join it in the sand and surf where you’ll get an all too short amount of sun and sigh.  The new video for the track, directed by the Oscar nominated Jessica Sanders, is set in a blissful far away where the sun is always bright but never in your eyes, and love is just a glance away.  It’s a little heavy handed on the literal qualities, especially when they highlight the song’s weaker rhythms about love potions and such, but overall the band’s matching outfits and smiles will win you over in the end.  A very neat video all around, if a bit saxy.  What else can you say about a video that opens with a bikini bottom?

Side note: I’d very much like to dance with that girl with the sashaying pink hips at 3:08, yes I would. Here’s the downloadable song.

“St. Croix”

familyoty_stcroixep_select(The St. Croix EP is available now from TinyOgre)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Myspace]



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