Saint Motel: “At Least I Have Nothing”

Los Angeles band Saint Motel have gotten an impressive amount of mileage out of their wonderful first single “Puzzle Pieces,” garnering blog and mainstream buzz for the song and getting an mtvU premiere for its quirky and inventive video. For what feels like forever, we’ve been waiting for a new track, and today quartet have obliged with the song “At Least I Have Nothing,” a far more guitar-driven number than “Puzzle Pieces,” which immediately drew me in with its piano hook. By the title, one would think this new song is a tongue-in-cheek rant, and really it is. The upbeat tone just disguises it for awhile:

At least I have nothing, nothing to tie me down…
I had such high hopes for the minds of our generation,
if we had some goals we could reach out and take them.
Except we’re apart, no movement to follow.
We are just stuck inside their business model.

I can’t wait for a full-length from these guys. For now, download “At Least I Have Nothing” below for a real treat.

SAINT MOTEL – At Least I Have Nothing by saintmotel 

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