Video: Keep Shelly In Athens — “California Birds (ABADABAD Cover)”

The downtrodden synth-pop of Keep Shelly In Athens is somewhat mesmerizing. There’s an eclectic blend of all kinds of electronic elements that seems to create this dreamy soup for ears to swim in. Their new EP Our Own Dream has been out for 10 days now, and everything I’ve heard has lulled me into some kind of weird stupor, where I feel as though I’m wandering through a forest just before the sun has set in the sky, and there’s that weird twilight that casts everything in odd shadows. What I’m trying to say is, it’s largely about a mood with this Grecian band, and I dig the vibe they’re putting out.

This video is kind of adorable, as it features nothing but shots of a cutie-patootie toddler wandering around in natural settings, generally having a good time. It’s about as trippy as the song itself, which is a track by ABADABAD remixed by Keep Shelly In Athens. Check out the video and a few KSIA tracks below, and soak in the strange peace.

Keep Shelly in Athens – Lazy Noon by Keep Shelly in Athens

Keep Shelly In Athens – DIY by The Wounded Jukebox 

Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dream by Keep Shelly in Athens

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