Sharon Van Etten: “Serpents”

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It’s fun to sit back and watch the increasing amounts of love Sharon Van Etten is getting these days.  Not in a “we knew about her before youuuuuu” way, but rather in a “finally! she deserves it!” kind of thing.  She’s been sharing her past through public music since 2009, often giving us wonderfully and painfully open stories of a terrible love; unrequited and tortuous.  Her abusive relationship with a boyfriend during her college days is what initially drove her to write her first album, Because I Was In Love.  Ever since then, she’s been opening up the flood gates, using ever increasing amounts of electric guitars and bombastic percussive tremors.  You only need hear the opening salvos from her sophomore album Epic to know that Van Etten has become comfortable meshing the honest with the open.

We were promised amazing things on her third record, and today we were not disappointed by the brand new “Serpents.” It’s a gut punch to the old flames, rattling them by their shirt collars, showing and explaining exactly what they did to our girl.  The song is grand in collaborative scale, featuring the twin Dessners from The National, Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner, the Walkmen’s Matt Barrick, and Doveman’s Thomas Bartlett.  If ever you wanted a huge opener for a new record, “Serpents” is definitely for you.

Sharon Van Etten – Serpents by Pretty Much Amazing

Sharon Van Etten’s third album, Tramp, will be released February 7th, 2012 by Jagjaguwar Records.  It was/is being record in the garage studio of Aaron Dessner, and is rumored to feature further collaborations with Beirut’s Zach Condon.  No verifications on that yet, but we’re praying it’s true.  Heck of a start though.  We’re already counting down the days!


And here are some other unreleased Van Etten songs we’re hoping are included in all their studio recorded glory on the new collection:

“Give Out” will be on the new record as well. Other confirmed tracks include, “Mohawk” and “Life of His Own”.


Sharon-Van-Etten-Tramp-608x608 (Tramp is available 2/07/12 from Jagjaguwar Records)

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