Girl In A Coma: “Smart”


The San Antonio all gal band, Girl In A Coma, named after the particular Smith’s song, has just released their third proper album, Exits And All The Rest.  And for those who are just discovered them (myself included), this is one of those cases where judging books by their covers could lead to you missing out on some really good music.  Sisters Nina (vocals/guitar) and Phanie Diaz (drums) and long-time friend, Jenn Alva (bass) sing in both Spanish and English to reflect their Mexican-American background, but whatever the language the music they have continued to churn out has been a fantastic mixture of the pensive and the punk.  The band is so impressive, Joan Jett signed them to her record label, Blackheart Records, in 2006 after seeing the trio’s live show in New York.  Ever since, the band has been perfecting their art of being chameleons of style; painting in whichever color the words and song calls for, and when artists know the time to serve the music, the result is what we listeners always hunt for: quality.  Girl In A Coma is quality.

Their new album is no exception. Try out the lead single, “Smart” for starters.
Girl in a Coma – Smart by Here Comes The Flood

girl-in-a-coma-exits-and-all-the-rest-album-cover (Exits And All The Rest is available now from Blackheart Records)

[Official Website] [Facebook] [LastFM]


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