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New Music Preview: Michael Kiwanuka | y/y | Snowmine | Justin Robinson & The Mary Annettes

Here is some more awesome new music…

Michael Kiwanuka has two EPs out in 2011, and has been compared to Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and Otis Redding

I’m Getting Ready by MichaelKiwanuka


The Brooklyn based y/y reminds me of Fourtet mixed with Animal Collective.

PlayPlay by yyband


Check out Snowmine on Shaking Through with free mp3 download.

Snowmine – Curfews by wvmusic


The Carolina Chocolate Drops’ founder, Justin Robinson is starting a new project called Justin Robinson & The Mary Annettes.




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The Black Keys: “Run Right Back”

We are less than three weeks away from The Black Keys bestowing their second album in a two-year span, with El Camino set to hit stores on December 6, just in time to make a run at people’s Best of 2010 lists and all the cool kids’ holiday wishlists for Santa Claus. A short time ago, we brought you the new album’s first single “Lonely Boy,” and just a couple of days ago the grooviest dudes from Akron uploaded the single’s B-side, a rollicking fuzzy blues number called “Run Right Back.” What causes more blues than the fickle nature of a pretty lady, the kind who always pulls you back in. It fits — stylistically and thematically — with “Lonely Boy,” and I still can’t wait for El Camino to be under my tree very soon.

The Black Keys – Run Right Back by The Black Keys

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New Music Preview: The Lowbred Watts | Hiatus & Shura | James Hersey | Jesse Payne | Fairlamb

This is a new batch of music that I have been meaning to post about, but haven’t been able to. All of these artists are deserve their own posts, but it’s just not gonna happen. So use this as a preview to go check out more of their music!

The Lowbred Watts – Download entire album for free here

The Lowbred Watts – 05 Move On by ryanstapler

FREE DOWNLOAD: Hiatus and Shura – First by Hiatus

It Aint Over (Live) – James Hersey by James Hersey

Jesse Payne – Website, Free mp3 below

Jesse Payne – Take Me by The Wounded Jukebox

Fairlamb – Bandcamp

The Way It Goes by Fairlamb


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Video: General Fiasco — “Waves”

I appreciate the energy that courses through General Fiasco’s music. It takes me back to my wilder, younger days. We featured their single “The Age You Start Losing Friends” on our end-of-summer mix, and these four dudes from Bellaghy, Northern Ireland are back with a video for their second single “Waves.” Judging by all the cool onstage and behind-the-scenes clips that make up the video, I’m betting that seeing General Fiasco live would be a pretty damn good time. The Waves EP will be out November 14 on Dirty Hit.

General Fiasco – Waves by Dirty Hit 

[Official Site]


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The Jezabels: “Trycolour”

Once Hayley Mary’s voice gets its hooks into you, it’s nigh impossible to break free. Mary is the lead singer of The Jezabels, a bitchin’ rock foursome from Sydney, Australia. Mary’s vocals are powerful, and they’re in full effect on her band’s new single “Trycolour,” the latest peak at the forthcoming Prisoner, which is out next Tuesday. But those vocals are just one piece of a wonderfully dynamic rock song. The chugging guitar and impressive percussion, along with some subtle keyboard work, remind me somewhat of a now-defunct, former-favorite band of mine, Rainer Maria. But Mary’s singing is more in the traditional woman-of-rock vein, and it’s the engine that drives “Trycolour.”

We featured The Jezabels track “Endless Summer” in one of our mixes in September, and I have a feeling that Prisoner will be one of my favorites as Fall moves into Winter. Download “Trycolour” below.

The Jezabels – Trycolour by wearesolidgold   

UPDATE: Check out the awesome video for “Trycolour” below!

(Prisoner is due out November 8 on Mom+Pop)

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Joseph & David: “Falling Wood”


I think if you were ever to find a peaceful spot in a blizzard or a calm moment in a tornado, you would find Joseph Lawrenson (left) and David Henshaw (right) there, tuning their instruments.  As Joseph & David, the Leeds duo tend to begin from a place of solemn stillness in their music.  But in a wonderful twist of hope, they can very easily step out of that haven, and burst into choruses of brass, ivory and air, serenading you with words of love and appreciation while the swings of bows and flashes of color swirl in front of your eyes.

Their music has been compared to that of Beirut and Bon Iver, and I can get that if I struggle to hear it, but I really hate to compare the music of one person to another’s.  A songwriter’s heart is imprinted in their words and style, and when I listen to the music Lawrenson and Henshaw make, it seems so much less achey/woe-is-me and so much more warm and frankly,…happy.  As if they had just stepped away from the best hug they’ve ever gotten, and they’re crying with joy.  On their second EP, Rise Up The Sun, Joseph & David share that warmth through the rich instrumentation and David’s fantastic vocals that can wisp and then billow like a cloud in the span of seconds.  On the first single, and lead track off the EP, “Falling Wood” you can hear exactly what I mean.

Joseph & David – Falling Wood by The Wounded Jukebox

And if you liked the song, here are live performances of two more tracks off the short-player; “Borderline” and title track “Rise Up The Sun”.

(The Rise Up The Sun EP is available 12/19/11 from Hide And Seek Records)

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Cillie Barnes: “Indian Hill” / “Hey Hi”

Vanessa Long is lovely. Not solely because she’s gifted. Not just because she seems, from her music and her website, to be a quirky and interesting lass. Not only because she’s a very pretty lady. But also because she is 1. Formerly a piece of one of Matt’s musical obsessions at TWJ, Family of the Year, and 2. The muse who makes an adorable and mischievous cameo in the PAPA video for “I Am The Lion King” I posted a couple weeks back. For all of these reasons, I was thrilled to find out that Long, a Los Angeles native, has a solo career brewing as Cillie Barnes. And I was further delighted to embrace the two songs she has unleashed on the world thus far.

There’s an nice contrast between these two tunes. On “Indian Hill,” there’s some neat interplay between bass and lead guitars, and Long’s vocal reminds me somewhat, at a few different points, of Kimya Dawson. And then there’s “Hey Hi,” a low-key but bubbly number where she crams several words into small spaces and has a few different vocal tracks mixed together to create a really cool layering effect. Oh yeah, and there’s some twinkling keyboards. That’s cool too.

All in all, it’s a neat debut, and worth a listen for sure. Download both tracks below.

Cillie Barnes – Indian Hill by The Wounded Jukebox

Cillie Barnes – Hey Hi by The Wounded Jukebox 

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