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The Revival Hour: “Hold Back”/”Run Away”

tumblr_lslpz6aPwP1r2mxb8o1_r1_500DM Stith and John Mark Lapham are joined at the hip as The Revival Hour, a duo bent on canvassing their music in all the vintage colors of the rainbow.  Between the two of them, they’ve collaborated, remixed, been remixed and produced a whole heckofaton of the great music you’ve heard in the past few years (The Earlies, The Late Squad, My Brightest Diamond, Shearwater, Richard Swift).  They have a new double side out featuring two very different songs, in two very excellent fashions.  The one getting all the attention is “Hold Back”, with Dr. Dog shadows pouring from it an all directions.  The piano and fuzzy choir reverb is spot on proof of what experience can bring to a song.  I can just picture a closed-eye Stith beating his chest while recording the vocals.  I jist dunno how ta howld bak sun!  You might not hear the best of it on the first listen, but once you get wind of the string entrances, and all the touches the floating choirs give, you’ll be convinced how great the song really is.
Hold Back by The Revival Hour
On the flip side is “Run Away”, a falsetto jungle romp with all the effects of that hallucinogenic plant you accidently licked earlier.  You’re running, running, running away as fast as you can, but the demons of your mind are still right behind you…and they have wings!  (Wraiths on wingzzzzzz!)  Ahem…

Run Away by The Revival Hour

It doesn’t matter where you start: the double side is good all over.  Keep The Revial Hour in your thoughts.  You’ll want their record, which is under construction even as you read.

*And if you haven’t heard of DM Stith or his counterpart before, you’ve been missing out on one of the best vocalists and musicians in the biz.
DM Stith – Abraham’s Song (Bibio remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

(The “Hold Back”/“Run Away” double side is available now from Asthmatic Kitty Records

[Official Website] [DM Stith Website] [DM Stith Blog]



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Noah And The Whale: “Waiting For my Chance To Come (Bibio Remix)”

The newest effort from Brit folksters Noah And The Whale delved further into their poppier side than the band’s previous two albums. Last Night On Earth was filled with slickly-produced harmonies and irresistibly catchy hooks galore, but if I’m being completely honest I preferred the band’s debut and sophomore records a tad bit more. But there were plenty of great moments to savor on LNOE, among them “Waiting For My Chance To Come.”

Enter fellow Englishman, electronic producer Bibio, and his downright clubworthy remix of “Waiting For My Chance To Come.” Those strumming Tom Petty-ish guitars and accompanying violins have been replaced with some funkier riffs and a pulsing backbeat, and then the vocals get all digitally warped for a bit as the dance party continues. A hipster rave — one we all hope we’re cool enough to be seen at. Check it out below.

Waiting For My Chance To Come – Bibio Remix by Noah and the Whale 

[Official Site]


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Fanfarlo: “Replicate (Teletextile Remix)”

Matt gushed a few weeks back about the new single from Fanfarlo, entitled “Replicate.” Well, as it turns out, the lead singer of New York City band Teletextile, Pamela Martinez, met the fine folks that make up the orchestral-folk quintet in the not-so-distant past when she hosted them in her lovely loft apartment as they swung through for some dates in support of 2009’s Reservoir. Well, the band and Martinez became friends, and her previous lack of knowledge of Fanfarlo’s music was filled with a keen enjoyment of the band’s repertoire.

Martinez (pictured), who makes up Teletextile along with a handful of other  musicians including drummer Allan Mednard, tried her hand at remixing “Replicate,” at the request of her musical friends. The resulting track is a pretty neat instrumental stab at re-inventing the original. Teletextile are a talented band in their own right, and have released a five-song EP titled Reflector, and will release their second LP Glass on European label Lili Is Pi Records on October 14. A sample track, the sprawling rat-a-tat, ring-a-ding, and “ahh ahh ahhhhhh ah” delight “I Don’t Know How to Act Here,” is available for download below along with the Fanfarlo remix. Enjoy!

Fanfarlo – Replicate (Teletextile Remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

Teletextile – I Dont Know How to Act Here by The Wounded Jukebox  

Two other bands tried their hands at remixing “Replicate” as well. Check those out too!

Fanfarlo – Replicate (The 2 Bears Remix) by Fanfarlo

Fanfarlo – Replicate (Senz Remix) by Fanfarlo 

Some Teletextile links below!

[Bandcamp]  [iTunes]  [Official Site]


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M83: “Midnight City (Man Without Country Remix)”

We brought you news a few weeks ago of a special EP of remixes being released by M83 for the first single off of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, “Midnight City.” Well, the day has arrived, and the EP is available for purchase. What’s cool is, Anthony Gonzalez has made all four of the remixes available for streaming about a month ago on Soundcloud. Of the four, my favorite was the Trentemoller take on “Midnight City” we posted back then. But after listening to the suped-up, slowed-down, synthed-out version by Man Without Country remix, I gotta say I’m a fan of it as well.

Just for kicks and snares, check out the interesting Team Ghost remix below as well.

Midnight City (Man Without Country Remix) by M83

Midnight City (Team Ghost Remix) by M83

[Official Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]  [iTunes]


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Video: Tune-Yards – “Gangsta”

Of all the wonderful songs on Tune-Yards’ sophomore album w h o k i l l, “Gangsta” might be the most chaotic. From Merrill Garbus’ siren-like vocal beginning to all the ragged saxophone playing and crazy-abrupt tempo shifts, the song is a study in how to aurally assault a listener in a totally awesome way. Because the song is so wacky, it’s an interesting development that the video for it — which debuted for the world just yesterday — is all in black and white. For a person as colorful and occasionally wacky as Garbus, it came as a bit of a surprise. But since we love pretty much everything Tune-Yards does here at TWJ, naturally, we think the video’s pretty cool. Watch below, and check out the remix of “Gangsta” by Ad-Rock as well.

tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta (Ad-Rock Remix) by thisisfakediy

Tuneyards-album-hi-res(W H O K I L L is available now from 4ad Records)

[Official Site] [Myspace] [Facebook] [Twitter]


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Lia Ices: “New Myth (Remix by Tenderflex)”

Both musically and visually, Lia Ices is a beautiful woman. Her voice is powerful but fragile, and this can make remixing her work a bit of a challenge. But Tenderflex has done it with the subtlest of touches — adding a faded backbeat, layering echo effects beneath Ices’ vocals — to come out with a re-interpretation that, while it’s not a brand new animal, does give a beautiful creature some new stripes to gawk at.

Tenderflex is the new project of DJ Logic and producer David Maurice. Their remix of Ices’ track “New Myth,” from Ices’ LP Grown Unknown, makes the song a bit mystical. A smidge ethereal. Download it for free below.

Lia Ices “New Myth (Remix by Tenderflex) by DOJAGSC

(Grown Unknown is available now from Jagjaguwar)

[Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Myspace]


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Slothpop: “Magenta (Way Yes Remix)”

I’m fairly certain that Glenn Davis was the first Columbus musician I ever introduced myself to as a part of The Wounded Jukebox. It came after Davis and his buddies that comprise the up-and-coming band Way Yes performed in an opening slot for a show that included previous Inside The Jukebox featurees Jookabox. Way Yes’ brand of Afro-Caribbean infused quirkpop caught my ear and won me over in little more than 30 minutes, and so I figured I’d shake his hand. One couldn’t ask for a nicer dude, and it’s been good to see a Columbus-bred band generate a little buzz over the past year or so.

Davis stumbled upon a video of Indianapolis-based band Slothpop not too long ago, and was enamored enough to pick up the phone and put together a few dates with the Hoosier-state fivesome. He and his boys also took the excellent Slothpop track “Magenta” and remixed it quite nicely. You can grab the entire Slothpop album for just $10 on their Bandcamp page. Grab both “Magenta” and the excellent Way Yes remix for free, and please check out one of the shows (dates below).

If you’re not doing anything next weekend, go to all three!

Thursday, August 25th Columbus @ Carabar with Trains Across the Sea

Friday, August 26th Cincinnati @ Motrpub

Saturday, August 27th Indianapolis @ Big Car Gallery with AmoJoy

Slothpop – Magenta by The Wounded Jukebox

Slothpop – Magenta (Way Yes Remix) by The Wounded Jukebox

BONUS!!! Way Yes track “Walkability,” just cause we like it. And you.

Way Yes – Walkability by ourvinyl

Way Yes: [MySpace] [Official site]

Slothpop: [MySpace]  [Facebook]


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