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New Music Preview: Michael Kiwanuka | y/y | Snowmine | Justin Robinson & The Mary Annettes

Here is some more awesome new music…

Michael Kiwanuka has two EPs out in 2011, and has been compared to Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and Otis Redding

I’m Getting Ready by MichaelKiwanuka


The Brooklyn based y/y reminds me of Fourtet mixed with Animal Collective.

PlayPlay by yyband


Check out Snowmine on Shaking Through with free mp3 download.

Snowmine – Curfews by wvmusic


The Carolina Chocolate Drops’ founder, Justin Robinson is starting a new project called Justin Robinson & The Mary Annettes.




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Pitch to Fit: Animal Collective

animal collective (1)Please keep in mind that this is a collective, not a band. The players can come and go as they choose. And this fluidity definitely translates into their sound.  The four founding fathers (Panda Bear, Avey Tare, Geologist and Deakin) have managed to create some of the most unique tracks over the past few years. Prolific would be an appropriate word as they’ve produced several albums, solo projects, art exhibits and even a full-length film. These boys are on a different level.

Their sound is a process. Instruments are often distorted, looped and tweaked to become otherworldly. The group’s 2010 release Fall Be Kind dips and rises with each track. Taste the flavor of the uplifting “Graze” where I’m pretty sure if you looked close enough, you’d see Pan dancing in the background with his flute. Or step into the dark, introspective shoes of “I Think I Can.” Be warned, you might not return.

They are shape shifters who will transform the stage and give the audience an out of body experience. Their last performance at Pitchfork Music Festival resulted in lights that lit like rainbow heat lightning across the stage during the keyboards in “Daily Routine.” Seeing the crowd change.

The latest release from this wellspring is Panda Bear’s Tomboy and I’m hoping that a few of his tracks get sprinkled into the set list. The waltz-like tune “Slow Motion” made it into a few of our top lists so far so here’s hoping we catch an earful of this.

Slow Motion – Panda Bear by parishrecords

Get your jetpacks ready, friends, we are going into orbit. Animal Collective takes stage Friday night, July 15th.

Animal Collective – Brothersport by pajew

Animal Collective – Bees by rizosfera

Animal Collective-Turn into Something by Ashleigh Klukow

Animal Collective – For Reverend Green by vanillajuice

[Official Website] [Fan Site] [Fan Forum] [Myspace]

Pitch to Fit is a series highlighting the acts performing at 2011′s Pitchfork Music Festival.  Check out the first 13 chapters here. For more information visit


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Oh Minnows: “Another Volunteer (Entrepreneurs Guilty Pleasures Remix)”

Sometimes I’m shocked at how much I can love a song upon first listen. When that happens, I’m sure to be cautious and give it as many repeat spins as I can before deciding that my swooning is accurate. Well, after listening to this Oh Minnows remix, I can safely say I am in deep smit. Oh Minnows is the project of Chris Steele-Nicholson, formerly of the band The Semifinalists. He’s signed to Young & Lost Club Records, which houses artists like Noah And The Whale and Everything Everything.

This Entrepreneurs Guilty Pleasure mix of “Another Volunteer” takes the original and warps the pace to an 80’s slow dance speed at the start. Picture middle schoolers with hands awkwardly placed on hips and shoulders, swaying in their poofy fuschia dresses and pale blue tuxes. Then they submerge things into an Merriweather Post Pavilion-like underwater buildup, and add some angular guitar riffs and trippy distortion. All of this is seamlessly woven together, and the result is an oddly touching, dreamy love song that, for some reason, reminds me of “Take My Breath Away.” If none of that sounds appealing to you, well I don’t know what to tell you. Except listen anyway.

“Another Volunteer” is the first single off of Oh Minnows’ forthcoming full-length, set to be released later this year. Download the remix free below, and check out the video for the original as well.

Oh Minnows – Another Volunteer (Entrepreneurs Guilty Pleasures Remix) by Stayloose

[Facebook]  [MySpace]  [Official Site]


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Junk Culture: “Weird Teenage Vibes”

Junk Culture, aka Deepak Mantena, finds inspiration for his tunes via a collection of sounds and words he’s captured on a handheld recorder. So it’s no surprise that his songs often end up sounding like a scrapbook of synths and clicks and clacks, patched together to make some vibrant and energetic tunes. It’s also not shocking that he cites Caribou and Animal Collective as influences, as Mantena’s music sounds like it could’ve been made by those groups’ snarky but earnest younger brother.

“Weird Teenage Vibes” is sort of like advice mixed with a sarcasm-laced perspective on relationships. If that special lady is the one you want, “you lock that down, be a grown-up and be what you want.” Mantena says. And embrace the “weird teenage vibrations” that come with sleeping next to someone you love. It’s a sly, awkward message, and it’s delivered in a slow-burning, synthesized package.

The second track we offer here, “Summer Friends”, is the title track from JC’s forthcoming EP (Out Feb. 1). It’s a slightly faster — but still electronic — and slightly kookier track. He’s touring with another mentor, Girl Talk, beginning late next month. Enjoy both tracks below!

Junk Culture – Weird Teenage Vibes by The Wounded Jukebox

Junk Culture – Summer Friends by The Wounded Jukebox

Connect to Junk Culture: [MySpace]  [Facebook]  [Twitter]  [Artist site]


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